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GreenPlanet Liquid Weight



Liquid Weight works by providing a blend of carbohydrates that the
plant can utilise as a food source. Flowering plants expend enormous amounts of energy producing floral sites. By supplying a readily available food source the plant has the ability to create more flower sites with larger flowers and increased yield.


For plants to absorb carbohydrates efficiently they require the presence of plant hormones such as humic acid that allow for rapid assimilation. Humic Acid has a chelating effect on essential elements and provide easy transport into the plant tissue. Liquid Weight uses both simple and complex forms of carbohydrates assuring the plant always has a steady supply. Liquid Weight also provides a carbon source for beneficial microbes that in turn enhance the ability of the roots to absorb nutrients and other substances by up to 500%. Increased transport of vital fluids directly translates to increased yields both in mass and quality. When used with MASSIVE the added triacontanol allows the plant to assimilate more carbon dioxide, speed up photosynthesis, increase cell density and put on considerable size.


Add 1 mL/L to any nutrient program for the last four weeks of flower. Refer to our Nutrient Calculator for general use.


Liquid Weight is also a fantastic soil microbial enhancer. Use Liquid Weight once a week at 2 mL/L. Apply approximately 10 L per plant as flowers begin to form. Repeat weekly until two weeks before harvest.

Suitable for both Soil & Hydroponic Substrates