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“We’re not growing buds anymore, we’re growing trichomes.”

“GreenPlanet Nutrients is a British Columbia based company specialising in the manufacture of quality fertilisers for commercial & medicinal indoor gardening, hydroponic, and hobby greenhouse market, now serving some of the biggest medicinal & commercial growers in the world.

With over 30 years experience in the hydroponics industry
we are now leveraging those years to save growers both time and money. This experience allows us to have our finger on the pulse of the market place, ensuring our products fill the needs of the consumer.

GreenPlanet Wholesale Ltd. is dedicated to manufacturing only reputable tested products that display purpose and results. Our mission and vision is to reduce the amount of products the consumer has to use to achieve optimum desired results. By taking this moral high road, confidence can be instilled with the retailer and consumer. Trust is a huge component of any marketplace and our aim is to earn yours with the quality and purpose of our products.

GreenPlanet are dedicated to manufacturing only reputable tested products that display purpose and results.

In a politically unstable industry where companies try to find safe footing in cannabis, the GreenPlanet team continues to have the full support of the cannabis medical community throughout North America, UK, Australia and beyond.

Along with the tools for success (the worlds best medicinal fertilisers), GreenPlanet also gives growers the support they need. Whether growing under one light or 10,000, GreenPlanet offers specialist technical support and laboratory analysis wherever required. From strain-specific needs to troubleshooting tips and tricks for every situation, GreenPlanet wants to help growers succeed.”

Justin Cooper, Co-owner – GreenPlanet Nutrients



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