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GreenPlanet Backcountry Blend



Backcountry Blend is a set and forget feeding program created as a complete soil amendment for outdoor plants. A granular, slow-release nutrient that is easily applied around the base of your plants to provide both macro and micronutrients for vegetative, flowering and late flowering stages. It is also buffered to correct soil pH with every water.


As a slow-release granular blend, Backcountry Blend will not overwhelm your plants with nutrients when applied to soil. We’ve taken care to ensure the macro and micronutrients are evenly dispersed over the entire fertilizer range allowing for more even absorption. Unlike some of its liquid counterparts for outdoor grows, these granular products are affordable, while still providing quality sourced nutrition like a healthy dose of micronutrients with every watering. Backcountry Blend can be used and stored for several growing seasons without any degradation.

Ensuring your grow media is within the optimal pH range is essential for the uptake of nutrients. BackCountry Blend is designed to neutralize acidic soils and prevent pH issues, such as nutrient deficiencies and lockout. Using Backcountry Blend will bring most soils into the correct pH range. Flowering plants require large amounts of phosphorus and potassium to produce large, beautiful fruits that we growers strive for. Backcountry Blend Boost provides a huge spike of PK to improve yields, floral development and overall colour and aroma.


Top dress at 1 g/L of Soil or Coco. Refer to our Nutrient Calculator for general use.


Suitable for both Soil & Coco Substrates