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GreenPlanet Root Builder



Root Builder is formulated with two very specific and extremely active beneficial organisms that deliver an abundance of benefits to your plant’s root zone. Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis. Together, these organisms perform as a microbial soil and substrate amendment, which improves the conversion of organic and inorganic fertilizers into plant available forms. Adding these beneficial bacteria will lead to an improved soil structure, better moisture retention, increased resistance against pathogens and will help treat pH related issues in the grow media. All these benefits ensure that your plant absorbs the essential nutrients it needs to expend its energy on other important plant functions, such as producing big, beautiful flowers.


Bacillus licheniformis rapidly breaks down fertiliser elements. It also produces a plethora of antagonistic compounds that exhibit strong antimicrobial activity and defends against a broad range of bad bacteria.

Bacillus subtilis is a strong beneficial bacterium that focuses on boosting natural defences. It will also produce molecules called iturins which are a family of lipopeptides. These amphiphilic compounds are characterized by a peptide ring of seven amino acid residues. They exhibit strong antifungal activities against a wide variety of pathogenic yeasts and fungi. Iturins specifically target the harmful microorganisms in your plants rhizosphere and eliminate them.


Apply at a rate of 1.25 mL / litre of water, in conjunction with your nutrient solution. Refer to our Nutrient Calculator for general use.

Suitable for both Soil & Hydroponic Substrates