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Rezin is an aroma and flavour enhancer that was formulated to increase the naturally occurring processes of flowering plants. Rezin accentuates the plants original flavonoid and terpene profiles rather than overriding them like a number of similarly aimed products. Rezin helps to regularly enhance those traits to levels usually found in only the most unique examples of each phenotype. Rezin improves trichome size and crystal production which results in sticky, resin laden flowers, better extractions and increased bag appeal.


Rezin is made from a combination of Ascorbic, Citric, Gluconic and Lactic Acids created through our fermentation process. What makes Rezin different is that it contains no PGR’s (Plant Growth Regulators) or restricted bio simulators. Rezin does not effect your EC levels. This allows you to use Rezin at full strength while other products will require you to back-off on the necessary base nutrients that your plants require for optimal growth. Producing a cup winning strain has never been easier.


For best results add 1 mL/L during the last two weeks of the vegetative cycle. Continue at 1 mL/L up until the third week of flower. Add 2 mL/L after week 3 of flower until harvest. Refer to our Nutrient Calculator for general use.


Dry flowers slowly in a cool, dark & dry environment for maximum terpene retention.

Suitable for both Soil & Hydroponic Substrates

Grow Trichomes with GreenPlanet Nutrients Rezin